I have a Lycoming IO-540-D4A5 for sale. It has 273 TTSNEW. The engine was pickled and has been in dry, indoor storage for nearly 22 years. The engine came from a certified production aircraft. All work was done by a certified engine shop. WYSIWYG. The items shown below are what is included in the sale of this engine.

Engine history: See the logbook photos and emails below for the verbatim account. A summary of the engine history is presented below:
* Sept. 12, 1996 engine produce by Lycoming, IO-540-D4A5, s/n L-25885-48A and exported to Canada.
* Nov. 26, 1996 engine installed in C-FSVD (which I believe may be a Found FBA-2C Bushhawk. See https://ingeniumcanada.org/aviation/artifact/found-fba-2c .
* Mar. 15, 1999 engine removed after prop strike (engine at idle, prop struck dirt) at 231.0 TTSNEW. Sent for tear down, inspection, and repair if necessary. Work done by ATC in Orilla, ON.
* Apr. 1, 1999 engine reinstalled in C-GDWD (another Found FBA-2C Bushhawk).
* Oct. 2, 1999 engine removed at 272.8 TTSNEW. (The owners upgraded to 300hp engines.)
* Feb. 8 2002 engine was sold to Doug Fuss, via Brad Huelsman, Hartzell Propeller.
* Dec. 2023 engine offered for sale by Vince Frazier.

SOLD – ASKING $39,000 USD. Contact Vince Frazier at vincefrazier@gmail.com

Note: Several pages from the logbooks shown below have multiple photos of the same page to show details that are hidden beneath papers and tags that were attached to the logbook.

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