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The photo gallery isn’t meant to replace the Team Rocket forum, or the Dropbox photo and info cache, which is where the majority of relevant information resides, just to give the outside world a taste of what we’re all about.

Bill Tew’s F1 Rocket over some gorgeous scenery.
Jim Wining’s built this amazing machine, being flown here by Tom McCord.
Mark Olson built this beautiful F1 Evo.
Rick Andersen’s fire breathing, 291HP, F1 Rocket…. a thing of beauty.
Paul Siegel’s F1. Wow! Paint design by  Paint by Texas Aerocolor in Brady, Texas.
Larry Vetterman swapped his 6 cylinder Lycoming for a 4 cylinder 360.  See the F4 Raider spec page for more details.
Vince Frazier’s F1H Rocket. Originally started as an HRII kit, but finished as an F1, mostly. This aircraft would do 215kts… if you can afford the fuel burn! Happily, it would cruise all day at 165kts and 9gph.

Mark Swaney’s F1.  Looking good.

Mark’s panel. A very clean installation. Nice.

Chris F. Rocket
Chris F.’s Rocket

Chris F. Rocket’s tail art… wow!

Erick Oconnor’s work and play machines

Brad Hood’s brand new F4

Brad Hood's F4 Rocket II
Brad Hood’s F4 Rocket II

Brad reports:
My F-4 is flying and currently in the paint shop.  I named it: F-4 Rocket II.  F-4 for 4 cylinder.  It is not a Raider due to its unique construction. (It has RV-8 wings and tail.)  I do plan to have it at OSH to compete. 

It flies absolutely perfectly.  Looks like a Rocket and flies like an RV-8.  No CG issues at all. In fact, it came out up next to the forward limit with full fuel and pilot only.  I couldn’t be happier with it!  Performance is like an IO-360 RV-8 or better.

The concept is verified!

Thought you would like to know,

More photos:

Brad Hood's F4 Rocket II


Brad Hood’s F4 Rocket II, rear quarter
Brad Hood's F4 Rocket II


Brad Hood’s F4 Rocket II, side view

Brad Hood's F4 Rocket II

Brad Hood’s F4 Rocket II engine installation Brad also had this to say after flying it:   Appears to be comparable to an angle valve RV-8 and possibly a bit better. Frankly, it feels very similar to my F-1 but roll stick pressure is much lighter. Again, like an RV-8. I am totally pleased with it!

Brad’s finished F4 Rocket II.