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We have a special relationship with both major aircraft engine manufacturers, Lycoming® Engines and Continental Motors Group, maker of the Titan line of aircraft engines.  Frazier Aviation can offer you special discounts that are available nowhere else.

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Frazier Aviation Products is proud to offer LYCOMING® aircraft engines for your F1 Rocket or F4 Raider project.


Lycoming® Engines specializes in the engineering, manufacture, service and support of piston aircraft engines. With a factory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Lycoming piston engines power more than half of the world’s general aviation fleet – both rotary-wing and fixed-wing, and also provides engines for military training schools and other specialized applications. Lycoming® Engines is an operating division of Avco Corporation.


Lycoming Engines has pre-configured engines available for your Rocket or Raider project including both 4 and 6 cylinder options. For 4 cylinder customers, the IO-360-A1B6 is a fuel injected, air cooled engine capable of producing 200 HP at 2700 RPM with an 8.7:1 compression ratio is a perfect option.

For projects requiring more power, the IO-540-C4B5 with proven performance and reliability, is a fuel injected, air cooled 6 cylinder engine capable of producing 250 HP at 2575 RPM with an 8.5:1 compression ratio.


For pilots seeking performance and style, the Thunderbolt engine line is handcrafted by our expert engine build team according to your specifications. Each engine receives personal attention so we can deliver the custom built engine you’ve always wanted. Offered in three series for desired performance levels, the Thunderbolt engine powers home builders, Red Bull Air Race pilots, and well-known aerobatic aircraft pilots. The engines can include custom color, chrome kits, higher compression ratios, and other builder specific options.

Frazier Aviation Products is also pleased to offer Continental and Titan™ aircraft engines for your F1 Rocket or F4 Raider project.

Titan™ aircraft engines available through us include:

360 Series Engine – The Titan™ 360 with 9.0:1 compression is for those who must have 190+hp. Proven history and reliable performance make the Titan™ 360 a great power-plant for your project.

370 Series Engine – The final version of the Titan™ 370 is complete! Its range of horsepower and incredible low-end torque make this engine the staple for 185-205 hp applications.

540 Series Engine – This completely new engine is a direct replacement 540. We sell this engine to Experimental and OEM customers looking to improve horsepower and reliability.

For more information on the full line of Titan™ aircraft engines, view their spec sheet:  CM_TitanSpec

Your custom aircraft deserves the best in custom engines, so Titan™ aircraft engines are available in a wide array of colors to match your tastes: Custom_Colors

Continental aircraft engines available through us include:

IO-520 and IO-550 series engines are available for the F1 builder who needs the very utmost in power. Contact us by email for help with a quote.

We can also help with Hartzell propellers

We can assist with a wide range of Hartzell props to make your F1 Rocket or F4 Raider really perform. Contact us for assistance with choosing your next propeller for your F1 Rocket or F4 Raider project.

F1 and F4 builders are encouraged to get in touch with us by email, to learn more about our engines, props, and accessories, or to get a quote.