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The Team Rocket forum is a private forum. There are 2 levels of access:

  1. Contributor – for owners and builders only. Contributors can make new posts, leave comments, and view the archives.
  2. Subscriber – for interested persons who seek to expand their knowledge of the F1 and F4 aircraft. Posting is not permitted at this level. Subscribers are removed from the lists periodically at our discretion.  If you find that you’ve been removed, simply contact us again to show us that you’re still interested.

These are our rules to keep the forums manageable and relevant. We don’t sell any ads, and we don’t put up with any trolls. ONLY F1/F4 topics are discussed. Period.

To sign up:

You MUST fill out the form below, copy and paste it into your email program and send it to vince@f1aircraft.com  Failing to fill out the simple questions below is how we weed out the trolls from the rest of us. We don’t share this info, or make it public, aside from listing your user name on the forum.

  1. Name, your REAL name, first and last:
  2. Complete address, i.e. where you live (not a P.O. Box):
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Aircraft of interest:

Serial Number, for owners or builders:

Why do you want access to the forum?

Email this info to vince@f1aircraft.com

Please don’t be coy about providing the info. It’s not going anywhere and we’re not going to send you anything. If you can’t prove that you’re an “airplane nerd” like us, then we’ll assume that you’re a troll or a robot. That’s not too inconvenient in this day and age, is it?

We ask for a serial number to help keep track of where the kits have gone over the years. If you’re an F1 owner, do us a solid and provide it.

We ask why you want access to the forum simply to see what you’re interested in. Please put an honest answer.

Note: Our zero tolerance policy is NO: politics, religion, insults, or name calling of any kind. That stuff will be removed. The forum is for discussing the F1 and F4 aircraft construction, techniques, flying, and so forth.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t offer alternative viewpoints or techniques or share your personal experiences, both GOOD or BAD. It means that we expect everyone to be civilized about it. Easy enough, right?