Bob Gross Rocket 1
Bob Gross Rocket. Sadly, Bob was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Bob Gross Rocket 5
Bob Gross Rocket panel

Bob Gross Rocket 6
Bob Gross Rocket interior

Andy Langer’s F1 Evo which resides in Ebersbach Germany

Any Langer's F1 Evo
Andy Langer’s F1 Evo

Mark Schilthelm’s F1 Rocket project. Look closely at the one piece tipover canopy. A first, as far as I know. I believe that Mark added a forward latch to keep the extended nose from possibly lifting. Very cool indeed.


Tim Carey’s HRII

Tim Carey's HRII Rocket
Tim Carey’s HRII Rocket at Andrew’s AFB airshow

For the initial shoot we had the Wirraway as a camera ship 130kt max. Then we split and headed for home in a gentle decent. As we did the flypast we were over 200kt indicated. Unfortunately I wasn’t looking at power settings but was probably 24/24. The Spitfire was pulled back a bit. They normally cruise the Spit at 230kts. It was awesome. I was flying the Silver one and Mark Binskin (retired Defence Force Chief- A4 Skyhawk, Mirage, F18, F16 (USAF)… he was in the Black one!  Nick Wills

And some still photos that are jaw-dropping….

All photos and videos, courtesy of Nick Wells… in the silver F1 Rocket.