Are you a Rocket or RV builder and do you have an F1 Rocket or F4 Raider, or related parts, that you would like to sell? As a free service to the Rocket community, we are now offering a classifieds service on our website. Sellers, contact us using the form below to get your listing posted.

Listings are unrestricted (within reason). We’ll be happy to post pictures, text, or videos that you have of the plane you’re selling. No listing fees, no commission, just an easy way to get the word out about your plane.

Name, email address, price, phone number, and relevant details required. We do not sell your email address, nor intentionally share it, but you need to provide it so customers can find you!

All transactions are “Caveat Emptor”!  Know your buyer and know your seller. We take no responsibility for transactions that go south. However, we’re a small community of Rocket enthusiasts… if you don’t know the other party… ask around!

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