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I have one, and only one, F1 QB kit available. See the link below.



Due to hosting problems mentioned previously, a new Team Rocket forum was created. If you have previously signed  up, the new forum can be found at:  https://f1aircraftforum.com/wp-login.php



Our webstore (but not our website), a continual source of problems, has been shut down. ALL ordering is now handled through Vince by email please. The email address is below.
And please capitalize, spell, and format it correctly!  Like this:
Joe Builder
123 Main St.
Anytown, State
Zip code

Please include your phone number
Note: Phone numbers are REQUIRED FOR FOREIGN ORDERS, including Canada.  
2) All owners and builders are entitled to access to our Dropbox info cache. Yes, there is a Team Rocket forum, but that is NOT where the official documents and information reside. Official information, such as the original builder’s manuals, updated builders manuals, task specific PDFs, blank W&B spreadsheets, blank POH docs, builder photos, newsletters, exploded parts diagrams, and other useful information resides there. Every builder MUST be familiar with its contents, and every owner should refer to this info when questions arise.  
3) If you have a legacy F1 Rocket and need repair parts, provide us with relevant information, such as your serial number, and a photo(s) of what you need, or specific part numbers, or other SPECIFIC, ACCURATE information. And include a shipping address!  
4) If you are a current builder, you probably already understand that we can’t possibly remember all of the details of your project. Please include in your email your s/n, shipping address, relevant details to your project (4 or 6 cyl. engine, wing, canopy, etc.) and details of your question or order. We will then do our best to answer, or direct you to the Dropbox, or other info repository. If you are ordering, we’ll get you a quote.  
5) As mentioned elsewhere on this site, we don’t directly handle freight shipments. Freight is defined as anything larger than what UPS Ground, Fedex, or USPS can cost effectively ship. Typically this means crates or LARGE boxes.   You can use your own shipper, or contact our freight forwarder. We are happy to facilitate the process, and provide you with options, but understand that when freight leaves our door, it belongs to you. We never would ship freight without secondary insurance, and recommend that you don’t either.  
6a) Paypal, and many other electronic fund transfer methods, i.e. credit cards, are time and money losers for us. Please pay by check whenever possible. The reason is that if we issue a refund, Paypal and the others will refund the money to you, but still charge us the fee. As you might surmise, we not only lose a sale, lose time, but we also lose 3 to 4% of the sale amount to the card company. On top of that, then we have to make corrections to keep the accounting balanced… and we hate accounting.
6b) Foreign transactions have their own unique fund transfer problems, including Canada.  We reserve the right to add transaction fees to cover the real costs.  
7) And very importantly, as mentioned in our recent newsletters, our shop has moved to Cutler, Indiana soon. Construction is still underway. There WILL be times, possibly up through Oshkosh 2023, when we won’t be able to ship immediately. Expect delays! There WILL be blackout times where new orders may be delayed. Sadly, this is unavoidable.  
8) EAA AIRVENTURE 2023: Between now and Oshkosh 2023, we want to concentrate on the new F-wing project, while preparing for the upcoming shop move.  We look forward to seeing everyone at EAA Airventure 2023 in space 645 in the north homebuilt vendor display area. Flyboy Accessories will be next door in space 644.  

8-12-2020: Vince does not offer pre-buy advice for a multitude of reasons.  Instead of calling Vince for pre-buy advice, please contact Bob. Bob is a wealth of Rocket knowledge and as an IA/AP he can do a pre-buy inspection for you.  

Bob Japundza >>>>>FOR PRE-BUY ADVICE ONLY!>>>  rocketbob@gmail.com <<<<<< If you want to ask routine questions, or need to talk to Vince, that contact info is at the bottom of this page.

News: Check the News and Updates page for more info. Also check the Team Rocket newsletters page which may have more random info and other miscellaneous stuff.

As of Spring 2023, Darryl Hudec, Bob Baker, and Randy Price are now flying their new F1 Rockets. Congrats to them!

As previously reported, Brad Hood and Ray Ward have their F4s flying and report that they love them! Visit our F4 specs page for more details and photos.  For more news updates, visit: News and Updates

Welcome to F1 Aircraft.com, the new home of the F1 Rocket and F4 Raider projects. F1 Aircraft.com is the official source for Team Rocket aircraft parts, kits, and technical support.

If you are in the market for unbelievable performance in an affordable homebuilt airplane, the F1 Rocket is exactly the plane you’ve been looking for. This plane can outrun, outclimb, and outperform virtually all GA homebuilt aircraft. Able to climb at 3000+ fpm, with cruise speeds up to 230 mph, the F1 Rocket is a total performance machine.

The F4 Raider is a virtually identical airframe, but uses a 4 cylinder Lycoming. Performance is still outstanding, but with the feel of a lighter machine.  The lighter wing loading gives great handling, while the higher horsepower available from modern 4 cylinder engines really closes the gap with its big brother, the F1 Rocket. Visit our specs pages for more info.

Currently, we have complete FWF, the newly updated MK3 empennage kits, all of the fiberglass parts, virtually all of the fuselage, and sliding or flopper canopy kits available. Sport wing parts are available from other sources, although we now offer stamped and heat treated ribs.

Please read the FAQ page before submitting questions. We are shipping fuselage parts, finishing kits, and the newly updated empennage. Our new tapered wing, the F-wing, is in the prototype construction phase. This is exciting stuff!

Roughly 4 dozen new construction projects have been started! One new aircraft flew in December 2018, and another flew in Spring 2019, with 3 more in early 2023. Others are close behind!  

Team Rocket is making the parts that make it possible for YOU to build a brand new F1 Rocket or F4 Raider.  What are you waiting for?

Who needs a trailer?!

QB fuselage status: We aren’t producing QB kits in our shop. However, there are many shops that can assist you with that service. You can them through your local EAA contacts, or through other relevant networks, i.e. the Van’s forum, or similar.

Repair parts: Existing F1 Rocket or F4 Raider owners are always welcome to contact us for repair parts. If we don’t have them, we’ll do our best to bump your parts needs to the top of the stack.

We also do what we can to assist HR2 owners, although many of our parts no longer interchange..

EVO wings are not available at this time: We are actively working on a new design tapered wing, the F-wing, to take its place. There are NO guarantees that this wing will ever be available… but we ARE working on it! Stay tuned!

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Thanks for your patience and support!

Vince, Blake, Mark, and the rest of the team.

888-F1AIRCRAFT   (888)-312-4727  (Please note: Vince cannot offer pre-buy advice, or opinions, on Rocket aircraft, or any other, aircraft. Sorry.)


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